Friday 15 January 2016

Real Estate Agents: 5 Tips To Do Better Business on WhatsApp & Hike

Real estate agents using whatsapp for business
Popular instant messengers such as WhatsApp and Hike are no wonder the most chat applications used by real estate professionals all over the world for one simple reason -  all the prospective clients (buyers and sellers) are easily available on these free messengers.

Real estate agents, brokers or realty consultants need to communicate with their prospects a lot more than anyone else and have to constantly keep in touch with their prospective leads. WhatsApp, Hike is considered as the best medium by them to remain connected with their prospects by sharing real estate information every now and then.

How Bag A Chat can help real estate agents do better business on WhatsApp and Hike?

Bag A Chat app acts as an add-on for WhatsApp and Hike and enables you to do business tasks that WhatsApp and Hike does not support. Here are some prominent features of Bag A Chat that can really boost your real estate business on WhatsApp and Hike.

1.Save only important property related information received from prospects

A real estate agent or broker receives enquires from prospects such as ‘needed 1 bhk flat on rent in so and so area’, ‘plot for sale’, ‘bunglow on rent’, along with property details & photos from various people. To keep a track of this information in future, you can selectively save this information using Bag A Chat app and not all the messages. So, you can never miss this information when required after a few days or months.

2. Quick search required property related information from prospects

Now that you have saved hundreds of real estate enquiries on chat messages from buyers and sellers, say after a month, one of a buyer calls you back asks about an update on his requirement for example ‘1 bhk flat on rent in thane, Mumbai’. You can quickly search using his name, group, labels, date range or text such as Thane, Mumbai or 1 bhk and get all the related messages quickly to address his enquiry immediately. Let your client know that you are working on their requirement without asking them repetitively for same information.

3. Set reminders to property related enquiries received in chat messages

Suppose, one of your client has raised you an enquiry about buying a hotel in Delhi on WhatsApp or Hike and you know you have someone who has this property for sale. You can quickly set a reminder or alert to this message to call that person at a certain time. This can really help you close the deals quickly without losing the business for more high worth and possible deals.

4. Access property enquiries from anywhere on the go

You don’t have to stick to your mobile for referring to your saved property enquiries all the time. Once you have uploaded all the important property chat conversation on your cloud Google Drive and Dropbox using Bag A Chat app, you can easily access from anywhere on PC, Laptop and tablets.

5. Add labels and organize chat messages from clients and group of agents

As a real estate broker, it is indeed very much important to work with other agents to share property details and enquiries and close the deals in quick time. It is often difficult and time-consuming to work alone and search for properties and prospects single-handedly. Using Bag A Chat app you can quickly organize property details including photos and videos from a group of agents and label them accordingly by client name, property name, agent name or deal type such as buy or sale deal.

There are many more features other than above that can really help you boost your real estate business on WhatsApp or Hike using Bag A Chat app. Successful real estate agents or brokers always use latest technologies and apps to boost their business and close more deals than others who rely on just personal connections.

Make Bag A Chat app your real estate companion and see the difference it makes to your business. Install the app now from Google Play Store, and yes, it’s free. However, if you are a big real estate agency or company and willing to get a customized Bag A Chat app for your own business, then you can get it so. Simply write to or visit for more details.


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