Monday 4 January 2016

5 Crucial Benefits of Using BagAChat App for Businesses using WhatsApp for Customer Service

The previous article simplify customer care and business support with WhatsApp and Bag A Chat app showed us the many benefits of WhatsApp and the potential it has to offer to a business. In this detailed post, check out how Bag A Chat helps you with customer service using WhatsApp with its five crucial advantages -

1. Save ONLY important chat messages of clients with privacy

It’s not easy to convert a prospect in to an actual customer. Customers take months to give you business. In such cases, selectively save information or discussions with prospects that you had on Whatsapp and access it months later when needed. No jotting notes in diary any more. Your data is always secure as it is saved on your mobile phone or on your Cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox).

For example, save all the messages of customers who showed positive response to your product or service and who can convert to a customer in next 15 days. Save them under a label as “ Positive Clients"

2. Don’t Get lost in thousands of chat messages all the time? Use powerful search feature

If you are providing customer service to thousands of customers using WhatsApp, then searching for specific customer details becomes daunting. With the help of Bag A Chat app, you can search important messages, contact details, address from all chats with customers, groups, teams in few seconds! One can use multiple search filters such as by sender name, random text, date range, media type, label, etc.

For example - Brokers or agents and their officers share a lot of info related to new policies or properties, events, leads, sales updates, training videos, etc with their clients and colleagues. In this case, some details, contact numbers/addresses are sent to friend groups too and to people who should not receive it.

3. Access messages anytime from any device – Upload to internet cloud

Upload all or selected WhatsApp chat messages together to your favorite cloud services like Google Drive and DropBox. One can easily access this data on cloud from other devices like laptop, tablet or other phones. If required, one can also email chat messages together.

For example: Doctors find it more easy to browse information on PC rather on mobile and hence the WhatsApp conversations can be easily accessed on PC when its saved to Google Drive or Dropbox. Traders and merchants use multiple phones at a time, so they need to access the same data from any mobile device at any given time. In that case, when the WhatsApp data is saved on cloud, they can access it on any device and not just from the device through which they operate the WhatsApp account. Even when the phone is dead, the data can be accessed from Cloud. So your data is always secure and available when needed.

4. View messages on same topic from multiple conversations together

With Bag A Chat app, one can keep together the project discussions, leads, sales updates etc. received across many conversations on WhatsApp. One can easily access labeled chat at one place, add one or more labels to particular messages. Thus, no more frustrating searches to retrieve that single update.

For Examples: Wholesalers and traders can separate the information by price, quantity, quality, product name or anything that’s feasible. Multiple product information can be separately labeled and quickly accessed. Companies talking to same vendor on different products/services in same conversation can label the information product wise or company wise and have easy access.

5. Generate Reminders from chat messages

Bag A Chat app helps to set reminders to chat messages and are stored with sender, timestamp and message text. It helps you to get complete reference when reminder pops up, very useful in case if you are dealing with multiple scheduled payments, deliveries, follow-ups & meetings.

For example - Doctors can set appointment; agents create reminders to follow-up after 2 months for purchasing a policy/wealth product/property as per customer intimation or policy payments schedule and meetings with customers. Manufacturers, suppliers, traders can keep reminders as per delivery deadlines along with payment schedules and follow-ups with customers.

Every Business is Different And So the Needs

Every business users instant messengers differently and for different purposes. One business many be able to finding WhatsApp as a full-fledged ready to use application and one may need some more enhancements to it for better use and performance. There could be any of the requirements as under -

  • Uploading all important communication on your CRM, SRP, office management system 
  • Creating dashboards accessible to management
  • Web UI for teams to access business communication
  • Need solution on any other messenger of your choice

In such cases, for those businesses who use WhatsApp for business and need more, Bag A Chat offers customized business integration solutions to fit their requirements and expectations.

If you believe, you need a more advanced way of using Instant Messengers such as Whatsapp for your business, simply get in touch with us now.

Write to and we can discuss further.


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