Tuesday 12 January 2016

How Bag A Chat App Can Help You Manage Your Projects Better?

manage projects better on whatsapp
With a strong emphasis on efficiency, performance, and reporting, being a project manager today is significantly different from what it was before 2005. With so many changes happening around all the time, it is always possible to face project failures.

The major factors for project failures are lack of involvement from senior management, capturing time and costs against projects, non-usage of any project management software, lack of knowledge about tools related to project management, lack of project management training and inability to deploy costly project management software. The project management industry is continuously evolving and the role of a Project Manager is always challenged.

Why Use Instant Messengers such as WhatsApp & Hike for Project Tracking?

Apart from being free and easy to use, instant messengers offer the convenience of being connected to your customers 24x7. These instant messengers such as WhatsApp & Hike can affordably be used in project management in following ways

1. One to One Chat – You message back and forth with project team members
2. Group chat – You can chat with two and more people at a time, up to hundred team members at a time with you and each other.
3. Broadcast – You can broadcast a project update to all members without allowing them to reply.
4. Calling – You can instantly call any of member
5. Share documents – You can easily share documents such as PDFs, flow charts, excel logs, videos with your team members back and forth.
6. Use with Web – You can also use web to access chat messengers such as WhatsApp.

How Bag A Chat App helps you with Project Tracking on WhatsApp & Hike?

Bag A Chat is an innovative app that works as an add-on for instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Hike and more. Bag A Chat enables you to make an enhanced use of business chat messages on instant messengers. If you are using instant messengers for project tracking, Bag A Chat app should assist you in managing your projects better in following ways –

1. Selectively save only project/status updates in chat messages

As a project manager, you may get hundreds of project updates from each of your team member. In that case, there is always a possibility of these messages being mixed up with your personal chat messages. In this scenario, selectively saving project updates becomes easy using Bag A Chat app.

2. Organize project chat messages under labels

As a project manager, you may be simultaneously working on many projects. In that case, it is very essential to maintain the project updates differently for different projects. You can easily organize chat messages under labels such as Project 1, Project 2, Project 3 or Accounting Project, Sales Project, HR Project, Development Project or anything that is convenient to you. Assign labels that you can easily remember and relate.

3. Smooth vendor management

Vendors and suppliers often send invoices, product images and quotations on WhatsApp chat. As a project manager, you can label them smartly as ‘Invoices’, ‘Purchases’, Store PO, Invoices, Product Images, Supplier Name, Vendor Name for easy and quick reference for future discussions, follow-ups and payments.

4. Project Data Privacy and Cloud backup

Bag A Chat app lets you maintain project privacy by saving these messages on cloud and eliminating the risk of images, text messages and media files being deleted from gallery or messenger. In addition, no one other than you can access these messages on your mobile phone when they are saved in the app.

5. Smartly Search Project Messages 

When you have received hundreds of project chat messages from hundreds of team members, it is not easy to search for a particular message. With Bag A Chat app, you can smartly search messages with multiple search criteria. Save you time and effort using this super-fast way to search chat messages.

This may not be all for you as a project manager, you may have more needs in your project such as integrating chat communication with your ERP, CRM, SRM or any other internal business software, a collaborative view of business communication, management dashboards or any other business insights based on project chat messages. In that case, Bag A Chat can customize a solution to adapt to your business needs. See in more detail here how Bag A Chat works in project tracking or write to info@bagachat.com and we can get in touch with you quickly.

Check out our next blog post for real life business examples of using Bag A Chat app for project tracking in various business segments.


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