Friday, 10 February 2017

11 Interesting Ways Our Customers are Using Instant Messengers in Business

We launched BagAChat more than a year ago. What we do? We enable our customers to use instant messengers (IM) like WhatsApp – as communication channel for their business. Why? Because, IM are free, popular and convenient to use for consumers today. Whatsapp & Facebook messengers have already over 1 billion active users.

Fast forward 1 year… now we have many customers using our software including fortune 500 giants too! But what fascinates us more, is discovering the usage of popular Instant messengers by organizations - as we talk to them regularly to understand their needs better!

Here are some interesting Instant messenger use-cases from few of our customers:

Customer Service:
  1. 1. A major insurance company is using popular chat app to collect insurance policy application documents. Customers find it easy to take photos from mobile camera & send it over on their favorite chat app. 
  2. 2. A national power company opened up customer service on Whatsapp with about 10 customers on day 1. After a few months, their support team is busy supporting more than 300 customers daily! They have integrated Whatsapp with their existing CRM too.
  3. 3. An electronics dealer exporting products across South East Asia – wants customers to make a short video of the product while filing complaint and send across… of course on WhatsApp! 

Automated Services:
  1. 4. A popular mobile software company has now shifted from SMS to instant messenger - to provide automated prepaid recharge of their data plans – as consumers no more prefer SMS. They use BagAChat to provide hash tag based automated recharge.
  2. 5. A job portal is providing customer engagement & convenience by automating profile update & job search via instant messengers. Their target audience is young professionals – who are all on some or the other popular chat app today.

Communication Analytics:
  1. 6. A healthcare company uses WhatsApp for its team to communicate with network of associated doctors.  Company tried to use it's own app, but the doctors found Whatsapp more handy than the company App! BagAChat is backing up their data on cloud and generating analytics from messages – for them to serve better to the doctor’s network.
  2. 7. An automobile global giant from Europe is using BagAChat for backing up the chats of all its sales professional on messengers – a medium, their customers prefer over Email & call. They are using BagAChat to analyze the quality of communication, get insights from communication & generate graphical reports.
  3. 8. A call center in South Africa conducts periodic consumer surveys for their clients & collects responses on WhatsApp – popular with local consumers. It uses BagAChat for real-time graphical trends of responses, which it shares with respective client on a periodic basis.

Campaign Management:
  1. 9. A media house in India is collecting entries & registration details for all their periodic event/workshops on Whatsapp. They use BagAChat for automatically backing up these details on cloud & send an automated ‘thank you’ reply.  
  2. 10. A holiday resort in India & a shopping mall in Hong Kong want their visitors to click selfie in their premises and send on WhatsApp. Their team picks up the best ones to upload on their social media pages!
  3. 11. A luxury cars dealer recently collected the vehicle numbers of its customers for a lucky draw during a festive season. They used BagAChat to avoid any manual efforts to collate the responses and find a lucky winner.

As new customers keep joining us, we are discovering creative uses by organizations to tap popularity of Instant messengers – for better customer engagement, convenience & team productivity.  

We at BagAChat are getting ready by shaping our product accordingly. Are you also getting ready for this paradigm shift of business communication from conventional channels to instant messengers?


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