Friday 12 June 2020

How to grow business with WhatsApp without using it for bulk marketing

With 1.5 billion active users on Whatsapp, businesses have realized the potential (or should I say the power) of Whatsapp for communication with customers/leads. It helps giving a personal touch to the communication and ensures reaching customers where they are mostly available – Whatsapp!

Business Whatsapp enables you to provide customer care & automated services on Whatsapp. However, we at see some inquiries regarding Bulk marketing on Whatsapp. Of course, every business wants to encash the popularity of Whatsapp. However, Email & SMS have been heavily abused by marketing agencies for bulk messaging. As a result, no customer reads your SMS & Emails these days. To ensure Whatsapp does not have a similar fate, Whatsapp terms and conditions strictly don’t allow marketing messages.  Your Whatsapp number gets blocked if you try to send marketing messages and that too in large volumes. Your marketing strategy can backfire as the customers can never reach you on that number.

 1) If you want to leverage the popularity of Whatsapp for business growth, then you need to think beyond bulk marketing

2) Customer care is provided on Business Whatsapp by support teams of our major global enterprise clients in Telecom, Power, Insurance, Finance, Ecommerce, manufacturing, etc.

3) Automated transactional notifications are sent by many clients on Whatsapp (e.g.  sending the invoice documents, recurring reminders for premium payments, product delivery updates, etc.). 

Our clients have also built multiple interesting automation workflows around the WhatsApp communication with their clients/leads/dealers etc.  

As a result of the same, these businesses are reaping the benefits– to be extremely effective with the target audience, at fraction of cost, without any bulk marketing on Whatsapp! is catering to the Whatsapp integration solutions to clients across more than 30 countries. We can get on a quick call to understand your needs and suggest you better on how you can grow your business using Whatsapp.



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