Wednesday 20 January 2016

Hike & WhatsApp Chat Search - Untangled With ‘Bag A Chat’ App

Now you may wonder what’s special about Hike or WhatsApp search, it’s just something you do everyday. Really? you may be doing it hard way and you never thought about an easy solution that may exist. We all know chatting is obsessive.

Once you start chatting on WhatsApp or Hike, you never feel like stopping. It goes on and on… It is not always that you chat with friends for fun. Sometimes you share personal images, videos and business information to people for important reasons. This information is important to you and the receiver and you take due care to preserve it as you know you always require it anytime.

Assume you have thousands of messages and you need to search for a particular message/media. How will you do it ? Hike or WhatsApp search is not so user-friendly and often shows irrelevant messages without any logical arrangement.

You have to read each and every message to find out the exact message. This is time consuming and frustrating. Many of times, the chat message has got deleted if you haven’t done backup of whatsapp or hike chat messages.

Use Bag A Chat App for Easy Hike & WhatsApp Search

By applying powerful search feature of Bag A Chat app, you can quickly do Hike or WhatsApp search with multiple filters such as :

1. Sender Name - example - “Rajesh or Rajesh Sharma”
2. Group - Example - example “College friends’ or “Project team” group
3. Date Range - example - 12-01-2016 to 18-01-2016
4. Text - example - ‘picnic photos’, ‘project update’, ‘property’ or any thing.
5. Media type - example image, video, contacts and more

Check out this demo video that shows to do Hike or WhatsApp search using Bag A Chat app

In addition, this app helps you add labels to your messages to view in folders. And you can search messages using label names too!
All these filters can be applied simultaneously to find important message real quick.

This makes your Hike and WhatsApp search very easy and time saving allowing to quickly respond on phone call or in urgent situations.

Share your views and opinions if you have tried Bag A Chat app’s powerful search feature and how it has helped you in one or the other urgent situation.


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