Wednesday 21 June 2023

Chatbot is Not Just a Shopping Platform: Unleashing the Power of Conversational Automation


In today's digital age, chatbots have emerged as a vital component of digital transformation journey, for businesses from SMEs to enterprises. While it may be tempting to offer chatbots exclusively as a shopping store, it is essential to recognize that their true potential lies beyond just facilitating transactions. In this blog, we delve into why chatbots are not the optimal choice for shopping platform and explore their broader utility.

The Limitations of chatbots as a shopping store: We have seen many businesses think “our lot of customers are on WhatsApp. So if we just build a chatbot on WhatsApp to sell products, our sales will increase many folds!”  Beware! While chatbots excel at automating routine tasks, their efficacy in delivering a complete shopping experience falls short in several aspects. Here are some limitations to consider:

1. Detailed Product Information: Chatbots struggle to provide a consolidated view of product details, including images, offers, deals, reviews, and comprehensive descriptions. Such information is better presented on a website or app, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

2. Low Conversion Ratio: Although the concept of shopping directly through a chatbot may seem appealing, the conversion rate remains significantly low. Customers often prefer a more interactive and visual experience, which a chatbot cannot fully replicate.

Optimal Use of chatbots in Shopping: While shopping may not be the ideal use case for chatbots, their true potential lies in other areas. Here's how chatbots can add value to your business:

1. Customer Care and Information Sharing: Chatbots are highly effective in providing customer care services and sharing essential information about product catalogs, organizations, and pricing. They enhance the productivity of sales and support teams by addressing common (FAQ) queries and providing instant assistance.

2. Guiding Customers to Websites: The best use of chatbots in shopping scenarios is to guide customers to the relevant website where they can explore and complete their purchase. By seamlessly redirecting users to the website, chatbots facilitate a smoother shopping experience.

3. Shopping Cart for Daily Needs: Setting up a complete shopping cart on a chatbot is most suitable for recurring daily needs such as grocery shopping. The convenience of reordering frequently purchased items through a chatbot can enhance customer satisfaction.

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Conclusion: While chatbots are indeed a crucial part of the digital transformation journey, it is vital to recognize that their true potential extends beyond shopping. Remember, chatbots are not just for shopping store; they are the gateway to enhanced productivity, improved customer experiences, and optimized business processes. Embrace the future of customer engagement and experience the transformative impact of chatbots on your organization.