Tuesday 30 August 2016

Now, Get on Instant Messengers with Customers - Without data management worries

Messengers are the Future: Today, the popularity of Instant messengers (IM) like WhatsApp, Telegram etc. is un-questionable. IM communication is not restricted only to personal chats any more. Consumers are reaching out to businesses too, using messengers. After all, it’s so convenient instead of downloading & using the business app! As communication is shifting from traditional e-mail/SMS to next generation messengers, being available on WhatsApp or other popular messengers is no more optional.

Managing IM data is a pain:  its good news for companies that IM are helping more people to connect to business. Communication ranges from basic queries, complaints to even ordering services & products! However, as more and more customers are trying to contact on messengers, businesses face issue of how to manage data. Most of the IM including WhatsApp are not designed for business communication yet. They don’t even save history of communication beyond certain limit. But, the growing popularity of messengers like WhatsApp, forces companies to remain connected on WhatsApp and dedicated human resources to manage the data.

Not Anymore. There are solutions available now, which help integrating IM to your business solutions seamlessly. E.g. BagAChat, which provides business solutions on messengers like WhatsApp/Hike, helps backup the messages from customers real-time on cloud. Once the messages are saved securely, various business actions can be taken on those messages, from the web-dashboard. e.g.:
  • -Convert messages to service tickets to be worked on my multiple agents from any device
  • -Manage customer information, downloading messages & contacts in excel
  • -Searching & filtering data using multiple search parameters.
  • -Viewing Analytical trends helping understand customer behavior & support quality.

Companies Look for IM integration:  Many companies have their own customer service solutions like CRM, App, website etc. They don’t want to maintain data in two different systems: one for Instant messengers & other for rest of communication channels. Companies prefer to integrate messengers like WhatsApp to their existing customer service software.

IM Integration with Business Software: BagAChat helps here too. It provides Message Forward to company software. The messages coming on WhatsApp get forwarded to the company software, along with the sender’s contact number. Also, for adding this connectivity, companies don’t need any software development in most of the case. If your software supports REST API, then BagAChat provides a setting – which helps integrate messengers to your software, merely by configuration!
This is so convenient, as it saves companies from spending months in developing, testing and putting the API connectivity in production. Companies can go live with messenger connectivity in few hours!

Get on Messengers with Customers: As messengers like WhatsApp have made life of consumers very easy to talk to business, similarly solutions like BagAChat have made the life of business team convenient coping up with this migration from email to Instant Messengers. 

Friday 26 August 2016

Lead Generation Marketing is All About Attracting and NOT Bulk Spamming

Bulk Marketing is easy, but ineffective: A lot of Marketing houses, teams still think that lead generation marketing campaign is all about buying a contacts database and doing a bulk emailing or bulk SMS.  It looks like a short cut to success! It was indeed a shortcut for some time. Unfortunately, not anymore!  

Everyone hates Spam: People hate spamming. Many email service providers like Gmail know this and have created ‘Promotions’ folder for such bulk emails.  These folders are like an extension of SPAM folder. Can you recall, when was the last time you visited your ‘Promotions’ tab in Gmail account? 
            SMS is brutally exploited by bulk marketing! Out of frustration, people nowadays don’t read SMS on arrival of new message, assuming it as spam marketing message. Some people have started hating the brands, which keep sending periodic SMS offers! 
Result? Such bulk marketing campaigns end up with a poor success rate of 0.2-0.5%! Are you spending money to get that level of success rate?

Do people hate offers?: Why does this happen? Do people hate benefit from your offers? No. But they want the offers when they are looking for it. They don’t want to be bombarded with spam offers.

Attract Consumers: Come out of bulk marketing mindset ASAP and boost success ratio of marketing campaigns by using Inbound Marketing. Social Media platforms like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and other messengers are good platforms to attract.
Today, the most popular channel for consumers is Instant messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram.  People are always on messengers. Messengers are free (unlike phone call & SMS) and extremely convenient. Why is WhatsApp popular? Simply, because it doesn’t support spamming experience to users. Their terms and conditions reiterate the same.

Connect Consumers to Brand on WhatsApp: As a marketing strategy, publish your WhatsApp number everywhere. May it be on your website, your social media pages, your TV/print Ads, mailers, pamphlets etc.  Encourage consumers to participate in contests, vote in opinion polls, share feedback, rate your services, send suggestions & complaints… all on WhatsApp.  Give an incentive like a coupon code, discount or lucky prize for participating/contacting or winning. Since there is an incentive & participation is free, everyone wants to connect with you.  
With this approach, your inbound marketing campaign attracts more and more meaningful leads, in every marketing campaign.

Manage Leads & messages without efforts: Campaigns on messengers like WhatsApp, are bound to be successful. And that means managing huge number of leads & messages. However, solutions like BagAChat help you out here. BagAChat captures & manages these leads as well as messages real-time.  Respond senders instantly with the current offers/discounts etc. All the manual efforts to generate leads, filter fake leads, view marketing campaign trends etc. are eliminated by BagAChat. 

Targeted Marketing: Messengers help build engagement with your brand among the leads. As the consumer engagement on messenger becomes more and more, these leads are bound to turn into your loyal customers, sooner or later. Let they query for offers on WhatsApp, when they need it and you are always there to serve them!

So, focus on attracting consumers rather than losing them by Spamming. 

Thursday 2 June 2016

Customers taking time to download your new App? Get on WhatsApp with them!

Every new businessman, feels that building an app for customer service, is gateway to success. With this mindset, businesses spend thousands of dollars and time in coming up with a sleek, super-efficient app, compatible on multiple platforms. 

How Customers Look at Your New App: 
However, the real challenge in getting returns from app lies in making customers download your app and use it.  Especially, if you are an emerging or localized business (taxi, food ordering, grocery, service station, hospital, taxi, real estate etc.), customers think this way about your app:

 "Sould I install app for each restaurant in town? Why should I learn new UI every time?"
"I need to visit many doctors, why should I install apps of all the hospitals in town?" 
"For hiring a taxi, why should I have 10 apps downloaded, for each taxi service?"
"My city has 50 online grocery stores. Do you expect me to download 50 apps?"
"I don’t know this company…not sure, what data they might access from my phone?"
Bottom-line… Today, no customer is really interested in slowing down his smartphone, for installing an app, from a new company.  
So, to ensure the investment done on app development brings some results, we end up paying, another thousands of dollars on marketing the App. Even after that, we see fewer app downloads and not enough orders via app. Already going through this? Or seen someone go through this?

Why WhatsApp?
Growth of your client base is not because of a sleek app. It’s because of your nature of services, the delivery & pricing model, your excellent service repeatedly.  Your investment in new business must be focused around improving these aspects and not building an expensive app, to start with. Initially, you can focus on less costly customer acquiring channels like Phone call, Email, SMS and the most popular with customers now a days… WhatsApp.
WhatsApp is free for customers locally as well as internationally. Customer can send requests as text as well as media files (e.g. photo of grocery list, a broken product to be serviced etc.) to company. Customers are using the UI that they are most comfortable with. Customer can send requests round the clock. How convenient!
Benefits to your business using WhatsApp? 

Huge cost saving with more customers. You can provide customer service with just a single WhatsApp enabled phone. No investment on multiple phones and phone operators.  Whatsapp phone number is genuine.  So, no need to pay for an OTP authentication service, especially if you accept COD payment. For regular customers, who already know you, you can minimize orders via market place app who charge 10-30% commission on orders.
Customer service is even more easy on WhatsApp using Bag A Chat customer helpdesk solution. This solution is same as the automated Email or SMS based helpdesk, except for it connects to WhatsApp. If you have an existing CRM/helpdesk tool for customer service, then Bag A Chat solution connects WhatsApp to your service tool. So, your service portal remains the same for customer representatives. For details visit, http://bagachat.com/customer_helpdesk.html or contact info@bagachat.com to book a demo.
Investment on App will help eventually. But, the more your business grows, the more your customers will be happy to download the app! It’s not the other way round!

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Why Customer Service on WhatsApp is win-win for customers and companies?

Today, a business needs to be available on all communication channels with customers. Some customers like to use the sleek app, some are comfortable with the email & SMS and a few prefer calling. But a lot of customers are now finding it convenient to send their orders/requests on Whatsapp.
Let’s see why other channels are losing ground to WhatsApp?
Email – Once a very popular medium, email has been heavily abused now by spammers. Even fake customer queries are very common using Email, as real identity can be hidden. It’s also inconvenient to use on smartphone, which is a de-facto device for most customers today.
SMS & phone call– There is a cost to message or call. Also, you can’t send media files like photo of your shopping list. A call can be missed by company, if there is inadequate number of phones and operators are busy. Service on phone call, is restricted by working hours of company.
App – The cost of building and marketing a new app is huge and returns on investment take a long time! With more than 20 million apps available online, people have lost the craze of downloading new apps. By default, there are already 40-50 popular apps everyone has on their phone. So, new app download means slowing down the phone & learning another app UI. Also, if you are an emerging business, then people doubt if your app accesses personal data from the phone.

Why customers love WhatsApp?

  1. This amazingly simple app is free to use locally as well as internationally for the customers. Send as many messages to company at no cost!
  2.  It allows you to share your request as text as well as media files (e.g. photos of broken device to be repaired, medical report of blood test etc.).
  3.  I does not breach privacy. Companies can connect with customers only when customers start the communication.
  4. Customers can request round the clock. No need for the company representative to be present to take down the request.

Why businesses getting attracted to WhatsApp?

  • Customer service for all customers can be done virtually using one phone – with Whatsapp installed on it.
  • No investment on multiple phones and call centers, just to avoid a missed call or busy tone. Customer representatives can focus on working on requests instead of getting busy with phone.
  • A customer is authenticated naturally as Whatsapp is attached to a genuine phone number. Helps a lot to avoid fake requests/orders especially for COD mode of payment.  No need to spend on OTP authentication service.
  • Request details are very clear thanks to media files supported on WhatsApp.
  • Your company number is in the customer’s contact list!

To ensure the Customer service requests received on WhatsApp, Bag A Chat provides a helpdesk solution, which manages the messages just like any other helpdesk system on email/ SMS. And, if you already have your app or website, this solution helps connecting WhatsApp with your service dashboard. So now your existing system is also connected to WhatsApp to serve customers better! For more details, visit http://bagachat.com/customer_helpdesk.html or drop a mail to info@bagachat.com for a demo request.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Still doing customer support, the old way using call, email or SMS? Shift to messengers like WhatsApp

Customer service is key function in every business. However, a conventional customer service comes at a significant cost. A typical customer helpdesk has one or many phones to attend the call. With every phone, there is a cost of attending it. You don’t want your customer to get an engage tone or a missed call. And still, many companies end up doing a restricted hours support (e.g. Monday-Friday 10am-6pm), based on the team’s availability. If you are looking for round the clock support, then the customer service cost multiplies.
This cost becomes a challenge for small and medium sector businesses like food ordering, real estate, consultants, hotels, e-commerce, startups, hospitals, service stations, customer care centers and many more.
Why WhatsApp?
Automated customer service using Email and SMS were good alternatives till recently, to reduce cost. However, thanks to advent of messengers like WhatsApp, telegram etc. customers are shying away from emails and SMS. WhatsApp which is a free messenger - has over 1 billon active users as of today.   An average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times in a day. It supports text as well as media like images etc. and very quick and convenient to use. You can handle all your customers virtually on a single phone device using WhatsApp. No question of engaged or missed call!
With this, WhatsApp is too tempting to use with customers, right? However, it has some limitations that still discourage companies to use WhatsApp with customers:
  • It does not save history beyond a few days
  • Someone needs to continuously monitor the phone to take action.
  • Keeping track of which customer queries are answered and which are open is hard to track. Organizing hundreds of messages every day, involves significant manual efforts.
  • WhatsApp can’t be integrated with CRM or other customer dashboards used by business.
Bag A Chat has launched customer service helpdesk on WhatsApp – with an objective of eliminating the limitations of WhatsApp and similar messengers, in business use.
How ‘Bag A Chat’ works?
  • Helpdesk app and Whatsapp are installed on the company customer service phone. Customers continue to message on WhatsApp only- no other app needed.
  • WhatsApp messages from customers converted to ticket customer helpdesk system, on arrival.
  • Auto routing to appropriate customer service agent based on the message type.
  • Support agents can view these tickets, on any device like laptop, desktop, smartphone. There is no need to continuously check the phone for incoming messages.
  • Support team and management get the graphical dashboard to track customer tickets, service SLA, generate alerts on delayed unresolved tickets etc.
  • The solution is available on a monthly subscription. So no big upfront investment needed to try and establish customer service on WhatsApp.
Integration with business CRM:
If your business has a customer service system like CRM, app, website, helpdesk system etc. the Bag A Chat solution helps integrating WhatsApp with the same, using a simple API.
As you can see, Bag A Chat makes is hassle-free to run customer service on a single phone using WhatsApp – the next generation communication tool, popular with your customers. It offers all the features of a conventional ticketing system on WhatsApp without being heavy on pockets. More details about the solution are at http://bagachat.com/customer_helpdesk_usecase.html and to avail a free trial,  you can drop a mail to info@bagachat.com

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Using WhatsApp To Market Your Hotel ?

WhatsApp rules in South Africa, Malaysia, Argentina, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, India, Mexico, UAE, Italy, Netherlands and Germany as per a report by Statista. As a hotelier, if you have guests coming in from any of these regions, then WhatsApp is the best marketing tool to reach out to them conveniently. Big hotels like Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel is one of the best example of using WhatsApp for marketing their hotel business.

How WhatsApp helps in marketing of hotel business?

1. Hotels can display their WhatsApp mobile number and logo on their website so visitors can know that you are available on WhatsApp for business. Share WhatsApp numbers on Facebook and other social media platforms recurringly for broader reach.

2. Share last minute offers to your list of customer telephone numbers, on the days when occupancy is low and the offer you are giving away.

3. Communicate directly with guests for hotel booking, sharing hotel photographs, pricing information, billing inquiries, other travel information and help them take quick decisions.

4. Use group chat for repeat customers who visit often by adding them to a special group and send them the offers, events designed exclusively for them, rewarding guest loyalty.

5. Respond quickly with a turn around time of 5 minutes. Training staff to handle inquiries on WhatsApp is crucial.

6. Cross-selling when the guest is on the stay, such as sightseeing, outdoor activities, etc.

7. Small hotels and restaurant owners can accept food orders from the local market.

Another best example is of Hotel Barcelo Illetas Albratros in Spain, that offers guest a free mobile number with a welcome card to allow them to communicate with the hotel 24 hours free of cost. However, there are certain limitations to WhatsApp. Everything isn’t possible under one roof.

Why you should also use Bag A Chat app with WhatsApp for hotel business?

1. Hotels can organize chat messages from particular guest under labels such as guest name, country, city, season, company, etc.

2. You can also selectively save chat messages those are important

3. Do a quick search of chat messages using multiple filters such as guest name, date, labels

4. Backup guest chat messages on cloud like Google Drive or DropBox or on mobile phone

5. Create labels and group chat messages logically for quick reference

6. Create analytical reports based on guest chat messages to get insights 

7. Set alerts or reminders to chat messages such as informing the guest about a site visit time, pick up or drop time, following up with regular guests for Christmas holiday season.

Hotels using WhatsApp for business can get a customized Bag A Chat app exclusively designed to suit their business operations including integration with their own hotel management systems (HMS). To know more, write to us at info@bagachat.com. 

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Using WhatsApp for Business: Brazil Leads, SA, India, Ireland, Spain, Malaysia Next Best

WhatsApp was founded in the year 2009 and in just six years it has succeeded in acquiring 1 billion users worldwide. No other instant messenger has been able to achieve this phenomenal growth in such a short period of time. Moreover, about 1 million new users register everyday so you can assume the potential reach it will have in the coming few years.South Africa is the top country using WhatsApp with highest % of online adults in this market.

When it comes to business, Brazil leads the way. With 56% WhatsApp penetration among mobile internet users, Brazil still has 60% of mobile users who use pre-paid plans as per a report by Statista. WhatsApp is the single most used app in Brazil with over 95 million users and 93% of country’s population. The core reason being the cost-effectiveness and no obligatory monthly mobile bill contracts for those who cannot afford to spend on those expensive plans, especially the youth and the poor.

Large multi-national corporations and small businesses too have already started use of WhatsApp for business in Brazil. Telefonica, one the of largest telephone companies in Brazil uses WhatsApp for customer service. Real estate firms sell properties to middle class population using WhatsApp. Right from online shopping to flight booking, everything that people need has a source to get it done through WhatsApp.

Brazil is one of the best example of a country using WhatsApp for business. WhatsApp in Brazil is not just limited to customer service, Mitsubishi Motors used WhatsApp in 2014 for pre-sales tasks such as providing car color, models and other details to potential customers and if the customer liked it, they were then directed to a local dealer for the test drive or purchase.

Around 1 in every 5 companies in Brazil use WhatsApp for advertising and marketing. Itau Bank is one of the largest bank in Brazil that uses WhatsApp for communication with their customers. Many hotels and resorts accept bookings and orders using WhatsApp. There are many other functions that are carried out routinely on WhatsApp in Brazil.

Speaking about other countries, US is bit slow to adapt to WhatsApp as of now. Germany, UK, Italy, Ireland, Argentina, Spain, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia are showing signs of quick adaptation. 83% of teens in Germany use WhatsApp, India has more than 70 million users and Italy, Argentina has more than 83% of mobile users using WhatsApp. UAE too has 77% social media users that use WhatsApp for communication.

To sum it up all, using WhatsApp for business seems to offer numerous opportunities to businesses all over the world. A business can absolutely not afford to neglect using WhatsApp for advertising, marketing, sales, project management or customer service. Bag A Chat provides a seamless way of using WhatsApp for business with an integration of customized application that suits every business need. Find out more here how you can use Bag A Chat app with WhatsApp for business.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Using WhatsApp for Business: 6 Core Functions You Can Manage Effectively

WhatsApp, the world’s fastest-growing communication platform surpassed 1 billion users recently. Over 42 billion messages are sent every day while 1.6 billion pictures & 250 million videos are shared daily. These stats are clearly tempting for every business owner to use WhatsApp.

Here are 6 core functions that companies are managing effectively using WhatsApp for business

1. Using WhatsApp for Marketing & Advertising

The best example of creative use of WhatsApp is of Colgate, where they invited people to send their selfies of smile using WhatsApp to a number printed on the toothpaste pack.

2. Using WhatsApp for Customer Support

According to techinbrazil.com, one in every five companies in Brazil uses WhatsApp for customer service and communication with customers. See here the examples..

3. Using WhatsApp to Conduct Research

WhatsApp serves as the best tool to do qualitative research. Encouraging participants to use emoticons is one of the great way to know their opinion. There are around 58 yellow face emoticons in WhatsApp portraying different emotions.

4. WhatsApp for Sales Communication

The data shows that a sales follow up done on WhatsApp gets 40% more response than a direct call. People dislike receiving calls from unknown numbers. Chat proves to be better option.

5. Using WhatsApp for Team Communication

The best example is the Chennai corporation, using WhatsApp for staff reporting and timely attendance. They have formed a WhatsApp group to exclusively monitor UPHCs, garbage cleaning and road work.

6. WhatsApp for Recruitment

Our Pune-based company Bag A Chat app invited applications for the position of app development by sharing the job requirement on a WhatsApp group of software developers. The response was quick and sharing of resumes and references was easy.

Integrating customized Bag A Chat app can skyrocket your business when using WhatsApp for Business.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Bag A Chat App: A Scalable Tool for Customer Support Via WhatsApp & Hike

Businesses are now switching to providing customer service using IMs such as WhatsApp and Hike. Users too these days value a relationship that is interactive, responsible and spontaneous. Customer service using WhatsApp or Hike has thus become the most preferred choice for any new or old business.

With 1 billion  users, WhatsApp has opened up a new channel of communication for businesses. From voice calling to sending images, videos and other media files to most of the mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.

Organizing Chat Messages - The Biggest Business Challenge

Many businesses were initially reluctant to use instant messengers for customer service due to their inability to organize chat messages efficiently. However, a business cannot ignore the fact that WhatsApp allows speedy interaction required to solve queries and answer customer questions instantly.

While WhatsApp and Hike allows you to save, backup, email and favorite chat messages, businesses always looked for a way to organize chat messages using labels, filters and quick search. Analysing chat messages from team and customers and creating reports was always a dream of a team leader or manager.

Bag A Chat app overcomes this challenge by allowing you to organize chat messages by way of creating labels. You can name the labels as per your choice and save chat messages under them logically.

For example: If you want to group all the chat messages related to new orders. You can create a label named as New Orders and save chat messages under this label. So, later on, you can simply go to this folder and review all the new order enquiries without getting lost in all the chat messages together.

You can also forward/assign messages to team members along with all details of messages like the timestamp and sender of the message. So a complete track of information is available to team easily.

Other benefits that you can leverage are creating analytical reports based on WhatsApp chat messages, set reminders or alerts to chat messages and selectively save or cloud backup your customer service chat messages. With a easy to use interface and brilliant features of Bag A Chat app, the entire customer support team can provide long lasting and improved customer support to thousands of customers in real time.

Bag A Chat app can also be customized and integrated with your business CRMs and customer support helpdesk systems like freshdesk, zendesk for better management. See more details here - Bag A Chat app for Customer Service Using WhatsApp and Hike.

Thursday 28 January 2016

Doctors: Do You Run a Digital OPD on WhatsApp & Hike?

In this technology era, where everything is digital, how can clinics and OPDs afford to lag behind. Instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Hike and Telegram have already swayed people and organizations across the globe.

Healthcare industry too is not left far behind. Many clinics, hospitals and doctors in Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Dubai, Netherlands and India have already started offering free and paid OPD services on WhatsApp, Hike and other instant chat messengers.

What is a Digital OPD on WhatsApp and Hike?

A general OPD (outpatient department) means a hospital department where patients receive diagnoses and/or treatment but do not stay overnight. Digital OPD, on the other hand, means where patients receive diagnoses and or treatment over phone or internet using WhatsApp, Skype or Emails or SMS.

Doctors can not only communicate with patients, but also with other senior doctors for getting an opinion. For example, a Doctor in Dubai can get an opinion from a senior doctor in Singapore on WhatsApp or Hike instantly about a patient’s heart report.

“Digital OPD is highly useful for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, points out Dr Devi Shetty, senior cardiac surgeon and chairman, Narayana Health.” as stated in this news published in the Times of India.

Why doctors are relying on Bag A Chat app for Digital OPD on WhatsApp or Hike?

Bag A Chat app enables functioning of digital OPD smooth and manageable on WhatsApp and Hike.

Here are some of the best features helping doctors consult better on WhatsApp and Hike.

1. Selectively save patient messages, reports messages and medical images in the app, on your cloud Google Drive or DropBox, so you will never lose the information, in case it gets deleted by WhatsApp or by mistake. Once information is saved on the cloud, you can even view it from any device including the laptop.

2. Quick search patient’s months/year old chat messages by just entering his name, date range, text or label.

3. You can add labels to messages! So if you want to keep messages from multiple patients with one type of ailment together, or keep a particular type of medical discussion in doctors groups separately - simply add labels. Group messages logically to refer quickly.

4. Set appointment reminders to patients chat messages for sending the opinion or a follow-up.

5. Select and share these chat messages to senior doctors for quick help.

6. All the media files of patients e.g. MRI scan, x-ray image etc. are stored privately. It is not mixed with the gallery folder, ensuring those don’t get deleted by mistake.

Not only these, but doctors can also integrate a customized Bag A Chat app with their internal HIS (Hospital Information systems)or applications for tracking patient records and consulting records.

If you are a doctor and looking for a customized Bag A Chat app solution, write to us at info@bagachat.com and we shall get back to you quickly.

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Now Set Hike or WhatsApp Alert to Chat Messages

Setting alerts to important chat messages is a growing trend on WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, SnapChat and other popular chat messengers in countries such as South Africa, Brazil, India, Singapore, Netherlands or Dubai that host a large number of user base.

When you are a part of a large group or using WhatsApp and Hike for important business & personal communication, you need more than just chatting and saving messages to email or cloud. Setting an alert is one of an important need once should always have.

Why set alerts to WhatsApp & Hike chat messages?

With Bag A Chat app, you can now set appointment reminders or alert to WhatsApp or Hike Chat messages instantly. Below are some real-life examples of how setting alerts to chat messages can help you do more on WhatsApp and Hike -

1. Doctors: If you are a doctor who consults patients on WhatsApp regularly. You can easily set an appointment reminder on a message from a patient that you need to meet.

2. Real Estate Agency: A real estate agent can easily set an alert to follow up with a client or buying or selling of a property that he has sent an enquiry to you on WhatsApp or Hike. Simply set a reminder to that message of the client.

3. Insurance Agents: Insurance agents can set reminders to follow up for policy premiums, claims settlement, new policy update and communicating with their clients. This definitely is useful when they are communicating with a large number of people on WhatsApp receiving thousands of messages, enquiries or updates.

4. Manufacturers/Suppliers: You can easily benefit from setting reminders for delivery schedules, payment schedules and follow-ups with your customers.

5. Hotels & Restaurants: Setting up reminders is very important in this case when you are accepting food orders through WhatsApp or Hike. A customer may place an order in the morning for delivery of food in the evening. In that case, you must have a reminder set to that order to not to forget or delay.

Setting reminders to WhatsApp or Hike chat messages is not only important for above professionals but anyone who uses WhatsApp, Hike or any other chat messenger for business and personal communication.

There are many more advantages of Bag A Chat app than just the above. See here bagachat.com.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Hike & WhatsApp Chat Search - Untangled With ‘Bag A Chat’ App

Now you may wonder what’s special about Hike or WhatsApp search, it’s just something you do everyday. Really? you may be doing it hard way and you never thought about an easy solution that may exist. We all know chatting is obsessive.

Once you start chatting on WhatsApp or Hike, you never feel like stopping. It goes on and on… It is not always that you chat with friends for fun. Sometimes you share personal images, videos and business information to people for important reasons. This information is important to you and the receiver and you take due care to preserve it as you know you always require it anytime.

Assume you have thousands of messages and you need to search for a particular message/media. How will you do it ? Hike or WhatsApp search is not so user-friendly and often shows irrelevant messages without any logical arrangement.

You have to read each and every message to find out the exact message. This is time consuming and frustrating. Many of times, the chat message has got deleted if you haven’t done backup of whatsapp or hike chat messages.

Use Bag A Chat App for Easy Hike & WhatsApp Search

By applying powerful search feature of Bag A Chat app, you can quickly do Hike or WhatsApp search with multiple filters such as :

1. Sender Name - example - “Rajesh or Rajesh Sharma”
2. Group - Example - example “College friends’ or “Project team” group
3. Date Range - example - 12-01-2016 to 18-01-2016
4. Text - example - ‘picnic photos’, ‘project update’, ‘property’ or any thing.
5. Media type - example image, video, contacts and more

Check out this demo video that shows to do Hike or WhatsApp search using Bag A Chat app

In addition, this app helps you add labels to your messages to view in folders. And you can search messages using label names too!
All these filters can be applied simultaneously to find important message real quick.

This makes your Hike and WhatsApp search very easy and time saving allowing to quickly respond on phone call or in urgent situations.

Share your views and opinions if you have tried Bag A Chat app’s powerful search feature and how it has helped you in one or the other urgent situation.

Monday 18 January 2016

Whipped? Get WhatsApp Chat History Backup App

Backup whatsapp chat history app
Well, there is no need to panic or feel embarrassed and helpless if your important WhatsApp chat history just disappeared. You are not alone! Many others are shocked to see their important chat messages deleted when they don’t know how to backup WhatsApp chat history.

If you are not aware, please read carefully, WhatsApp clearly states on their faq’s page - “Note that any messages deleted from your phone before the backup was created, will not be restored” and “If you are unable to restore your chats, unfortunately, we cannot restore your chats, contacts or multimedia files for you.”

However, to your delight, WhatsApp automatically makes backup of your conversations everyday at 4 am and you have to uninstall and reinstall to restore messages from this copy. WhatsApp taking up your backup is amazing but what about uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp? This is drowning.

Also, there is no provision to backup only the selected important messages. It saves everything, whether you need it or not.

Stop being a loser ! Get WhatsApp chat history backup app

Gift yourself this pay zero, authentic and tested app from Google play store. Bag A Chat app is free WhatsApp chat history backup app and is equipped with some great mind-blowing features than just backing up or saving whatsapp chat history.

This WhatsApp chat history backup app does not require you to remain connected to internet. Once you have installed the app, follow the simple steps as shown in this video on how to save whatsapp chat history using Bag A Chat app and you’re done.

All the chat messages would be saved privately in the app on your mobile phone (locally) and not on the server of Bag A Chat app.

Your data is safe and secured with you. Isn’t this easy? You can selectively backup or save WhatsApp chat history with few clicks any time you want to do so.

Once you backup WhatsApp chat history, this app helps you to -

- Search messages with 7 different filters including date range, media file type, labels etc.
- Add labels to messages to logically view those in folders
- Upload selectively to Google drive/Dropbox cloud
- Many other features to make it a complete data  organizer

Bag A Chat app is not only specific to WhatsApp but also supports multiple instant chat messengers including Hike. More and more instant messengers are being added with the intention of making chat message backup convenient for your popular instant messenger.

Get the app now from Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bagachat.messagemail&hl=en

Friday 15 January 2016

Real Estate Agents: 5 Tips To Do Better Business on WhatsApp & Hike

Real estate agents using whatsapp for business
Popular instant messengers such as WhatsApp and Hike are no wonder the most chat applications used by real estate professionals all over the world for one simple reason -  all the prospective clients (buyers and sellers) are easily available on these free messengers.

Real estate agents, brokers or realty consultants need to communicate with their prospects a lot more than anyone else and have to constantly keep in touch with their prospective leads. WhatsApp, Hike is considered as the best medium by them to remain connected with their prospects by sharing real estate information every now and then.

How Bag A Chat can help real estate agents do better business on WhatsApp and Hike?

Bag A Chat app acts as an add-on for WhatsApp and Hike and enables you to do business tasks that WhatsApp and Hike does not support. Here are some prominent features of Bag A Chat that can really boost your real estate business on WhatsApp and Hike.

1.Save only important property related information received from prospects

A real estate agent or broker receives enquires from prospects such as ‘needed 1 bhk flat on rent in so and so area’, ‘plot for sale’, ‘bunglow on rent’, along with property details & photos from various people. To keep a track of this information in future, you can selectively save this information using Bag A Chat app and not all the messages. So, you can never miss this information when required after a few days or months.

2. Quick search required property related information from prospects

Now that you have saved hundreds of real estate enquiries on chat messages from buyers and sellers, say after a month, one of a buyer calls you back asks about an update on his requirement for example ‘1 bhk flat on rent in thane, Mumbai’. You can quickly search using his name, group, labels, date range or text such as Thane, Mumbai or 1 bhk and get all the related messages quickly to address his enquiry immediately. Let your client know that you are working on their requirement without asking them repetitively for same information.

3. Set reminders to property related enquiries received in chat messages

Suppose, one of your client has raised you an enquiry about buying a hotel in Delhi on WhatsApp or Hike and you know you have someone who has this property for sale. You can quickly set a reminder or alert to this message to call that person at a certain time. This can really help you close the deals quickly without losing the business for more high worth and possible deals.

4. Access property enquiries from anywhere on the go

You don’t have to stick to your mobile for referring to your saved property enquiries all the time. Once you have uploaded all the important property chat conversation on your cloud Google Drive and Dropbox using Bag A Chat app, you can easily access from anywhere on PC, Laptop and tablets.

5. Add labels and organize chat messages from clients and group of agents

As a real estate broker, it is indeed very much important to work with other agents to share property details and enquiries and close the deals in quick time. It is often difficult and time-consuming to work alone and search for properties and prospects single-handedly. Using Bag A Chat app you can quickly organize property details including photos and videos from a group of agents and label them accordingly by client name, property name, agent name or deal type such as buy or sale deal.

There are many more features other than above that can really help you boost your real estate business on WhatsApp or Hike using Bag A Chat app. Successful real estate agents or brokers always use latest technologies and apps to boost their business and close more deals than others who rely on just personal connections.

Make Bag A Chat app your real estate companion and see the difference it makes to your business. Install the app now from Google Play Store, and yes, it’s free. However, if you are a big real estate agency or company and willing to get a customized Bag A Chat app for your own business, then you can get it so. Simply write to info@bagachat.com or visit www.bagachat.com/business for more details.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

How Bag A Chat App Can Help You Manage Your Projects Better?

manage projects better on whatsapp
With a strong emphasis on efficiency, performance, and reporting, being a project manager today is significantly different from what it was before 2005. With so many changes happening around all the time, it is always possible to face project failures.

The major factors for project failures are lack of involvement from senior management, capturing time and costs against projects, non-usage of any project management software, lack of knowledge about tools related to project management, lack of project management training and inability to deploy costly project management software. The project management industry is continuously evolving and the role of a Project Manager is always challenged.

Why Use Instant Messengers such as WhatsApp & Hike for Project Tracking?

Apart from being free and easy to use, instant messengers offer the convenience of being connected to your customers 24x7. These instant messengers such as WhatsApp & Hike can affordably be used in project management in following ways

1. One to One Chat – You message back and forth with project team members
2. Group chat – You can chat with two and more people at a time, up to hundred team members at a time with you and each other.
3. Broadcast – You can broadcast a project update to all members without allowing them to reply.
4. Calling – You can instantly call any of member
5. Share documents – You can easily share documents such as PDFs, flow charts, excel logs, videos with your team members back and forth.
6. Use with Web – You can also use web to access chat messengers such as WhatsApp.

How Bag A Chat App helps you with Project Tracking on WhatsApp & Hike?

Bag A Chat is an innovative app that works as an add-on for instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Hike and more. Bag A Chat enables you to make an enhanced use of business chat messages on instant messengers. If you are using instant messengers for project tracking, Bag A Chat app should assist you in managing your projects better in following ways –

1. Selectively save only project/status updates in chat messages

As a project manager, you may get hundreds of project updates from each of your team member. In that case, there is always a possibility of these messages being mixed up with your personal chat messages. In this scenario, selectively saving project updates becomes easy using Bag A Chat app.

2. Organize project chat messages under labels

As a project manager, you may be simultaneously working on many projects. In that case, it is very essential to maintain the project updates differently for different projects. You can easily organize chat messages under labels such as Project 1, Project 2, Project 3 or Accounting Project, Sales Project, HR Project, Development Project or anything that is convenient to you. Assign labels that you can easily remember and relate.

3. Smooth vendor management

Vendors and suppliers often send invoices, product images and quotations on WhatsApp chat. As a project manager, you can label them smartly as ‘Invoices’, ‘Purchases’, Store PO, Invoices, Product Images, Supplier Name, Vendor Name for easy and quick reference for future discussions, follow-ups and payments.

4. Project Data Privacy and Cloud backup

Bag A Chat app lets you maintain project privacy by saving these messages on cloud and eliminating the risk of images, text messages and media files being deleted from gallery or messenger. In addition, no one other than you can access these messages on your mobile phone when they are saved in the app.

5. Smartly Search Project Messages 

When you have received hundreds of project chat messages from hundreds of team members, it is not easy to search for a particular message. With Bag A Chat app, you can smartly search messages with multiple search criteria. Save you time and effort using this super-fast way to search chat messages.

This may not be all for you as a project manager, you may have more needs in your project such as integrating chat communication with your ERP, CRM, SRM or any other internal business software, a collaborative view of business communication, management dashboards or any other business insights based on project chat messages. In that case, Bag A Chat can customize a solution to adapt to your business needs. See in more detail here how Bag A Chat works in project tracking or write to info@bagachat.com and we can get in touch with you quickly.

Check out our next blog post for real life business examples of using Bag A Chat app for project tracking in various business segments.

Tuesday 5 January 2016

5 Business Benefits of Analytical Reports Created on Chat Messages from WhatsApp, Hike & Other Messengers

The popularity of WhatsApp is ever increasing since Facebook bought the instant messaging service for $19 million. More and more businesses are already using popular instant messengers such as WhatsApp or Hike for customer service, business support, e-commerce, official communication, and general enquiries. Countries such as South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong are among the top users of WhatsApp, Hike and other instant messaging applications.

Instant messengers such as WhatsApp being a free platform, businesses are thriving to make best use of these platforms and gain maximum exposure and reduce advertising costs. These apps are a great way for a local business to communicate with its customers. As a business owner, if you are using WhatsApp or Hike for customer service, business support, trading, retailing or banking and not analyzing the chat messages then you are losing the important insights for your business.

It is not just about marketing/sending/receiving chat messages to and from customers but also getting insights on how effective is your business communication. Here are five business benefits that you can derive by creating reports based on WhatsApp chat messages.

1. Feedback : Discover if you are making your customers happy

When customers send you feedback on popular instant chat messengers such as WhatsApp, Hike or any other messenger, you immediately come to know if the customer is happy with your service or not. As a business, it is very important to track the customer feedback over a period of time when you are dealing with thousands of customers.

2. Responsiveness: Know if your customers check your messages

When a business sends any messages to a new customer or an existing customer base, it is very important to know who have really checked the messages and when. This is a very important insight from a business perspective, as it lets you know the best time suitable for sending the messages and know which of the customers in your group are most active and responsive to your messages.

3. Chat Comparison: Learn what works and what doesn’t

As a business, you may send out a friendly festive greeting or a new offer and discount or an update about the product or a service on a regular basis. The message could even be about a same topic but created differently with beautiful images and wordings. In that case, know which of your posts works well and which does not - by creating reports that shows number and type of responses.

4. Manage Customer Relationship – Provide timely resolutions

A timely resolution to any customer complaint not only keeps the customer happy but also ensures recurring business and long-term association. Customer relationship is a key to success for any business. Create reports to know the complaints resolved through chat messages and maintaining the history of conversation as closed tickets and open tickets.

5. Measure Performance: See how your team is doing

You may have appointed a number of staff for interacting with customers on WhatsApp and Hike. In that case, it is very important to know the daily performance of the staff such as number of chat messages sent, received, customer response in a group and engagement using the group drivers or vibrant buddies reports from Bag A Chat app.

create analytical reports using whatsapp chat messages

Why use ‘Bag A Chat’ app for creating reports from WhatsApp Chat Messages?

WhatsApp & hike does have limitation though and they have no intention to make it business friendly. Clearly, their blog says it all “We want WhatsApp to be the product that keeps you awake... and that you reach for in the morning. No one jumps up from a nap and runs to see an advertisement.” WhatsApp is clearly not interested in providing business benefits to any user.

Bag A Chat app makes the analytical reports very much possible for a business and also works as an add-on to WhatsApp/Hike and any other instant messenger for providing the business benefits that no other app is currently offering. There are lot many features that a business can benefit apart from just using analytical reports based on whatsapp chat messages or hike chat messages.

Simply write to info@bagachat.com to enquire about personalized business reports or any future needs.