Tuesday 30 August 2016

Now, Get on Instant Messengers with Customers - Without data management worries

Messengers are the Future: Today, the popularity of Instant messengers (IM) like WhatsApp, Telegram etc. is un-questionable. IM communication is not restricted only to personal chats any more. Consumers are reaching out to businesses too, using messengers. After all, it’s so convenient instead of downloading & using the business app! As communication is shifting from traditional e-mail/SMS to next generation messengers, being available on WhatsApp or other popular messengers is no more optional.

Managing IM data is a pain:  its good news for companies that IM are helping more people to connect to business. Communication ranges from basic queries, complaints to even ordering services & products! However, as more and more customers are trying to contact on messengers, businesses face issue of how to manage data. Most of the IM including WhatsApp are not designed for business communication yet. They don’t even save history of communication beyond certain limit. But, the growing popularity of messengers like WhatsApp, forces companies to remain connected on WhatsApp and dedicated human resources to manage the data.

Not Anymore. There are solutions available now, which help integrating IM to your business solutions seamlessly. E.g. BagAChat, which provides business solutions on messengers like WhatsApp/Hike, helps backup the messages from customers real-time on cloud. Once the messages are saved securely, various business actions can be taken on those messages, from the web-dashboard. e.g.:
  • -Convert messages to service tickets to be worked on my multiple agents from any device
  • -Manage customer information, downloading messages & contacts in excel
  • -Searching & filtering data using multiple search parameters.
  • -Viewing Analytical trends helping understand customer behavior & support quality.

Companies Look for IM integration:  Many companies have their own customer service solutions like CRM, App, website etc. They don’t want to maintain data in two different systems: one for Instant messengers & other for rest of communication channels. Companies prefer to integrate messengers like WhatsApp to their existing customer service software.

IM Integration with Business Software: BagAChat helps here too. It provides Message Forward to company software. The messages coming on WhatsApp get forwarded to the company software, along with the sender’s contact number. Also, for adding this connectivity, companies don’t need any software development in most of the case. If your software supports REST API, then BagAChat provides a setting – which helps integrate messengers to your software, merely by configuration!
This is so convenient, as it saves companies from spending months in developing, testing and putting the API connectivity in production. Companies can go live with messenger connectivity in few hours!

Get on Messengers with Customers: As messengers like WhatsApp have made life of consumers very easy to talk to business, similarly solutions like BagAChat have made the life of business team convenient coping up with this migration from email to Instant Messengers. 

Friday 26 August 2016

Lead Generation Marketing is All About Attracting and NOT Bulk Spamming

Bulk Marketing is easy, but ineffective: A lot of Marketing houses, teams still think that lead generation marketing campaign is all about buying a contacts database and doing a bulk emailing or bulk SMS.  It looks like a short cut to success! It was indeed a shortcut for some time. Unfortunately, not anymore!  

Everyone hates Spam: People hate spamming. Many email service providers like Gmail know this and have created ‘Promotions’ folder for such bulk emails.  These folders are like an extension of SPAM folder. Can you recall, when was the last time you visited your ‘Promotions’ tab in Gmail account? 
            SMS is brutally exploited by bulk marketing! Out of frustration, people nowadays don’t read SMS on arrival of new message, assuming it as spam marketing message. Some people have started hating the brands, which keep sending periodic SMS offers! 
Result? Such bulk marketing campaigns end up with a poor success rate of 0.2-0.5%! Are you spending money to get that level of success rate?

Do people hate offers?: Why does this happen? Do people hate benefit from your offers? No. But they want the offers when they are looking for it. They don’t want to be bombarded with spam offers.

Attract Consumers: Come out of bulk marketing mindset ASAP and boost success ratio of marketing campaigns by using Inbound Marketing. Social Media platforms like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and other messengers are good platforms to attract.
Today, the most popular channel for consumers is Instant messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram.  People are always on messengers. Messengers are free (unlike phone call & SMS) and extremely convenient. Why is WhatsApp popular? Simply, because it doesn’t support spamming experience to users. Their terms and conditions reiterate the same.

Connect Consumers to Brand on WhatsApp: As a marketing strategy, publish your WhatsApp number everywhere. May it be on your website, your social media pages, your TV/print Ads, mailers, pamphlets etc.  Encourage consumers to participate in contests, vote in opinion polls, share feedback, rate your services, send suggestions & complaints… all on WhatsApp.  Give an incentive like a coupon code, discount or lucky prize for participating/contacting or winning. Since there is an incentive & participation is free, everyone wants to connect with you.  
With this approach, your inbound marketing campaign attracts more and more meaningful leads, in every marketing campaign.

Manage Leads & messages without efforts: Campaigns on messengers like WhatsApp, are bound to be successful. And that means managing huge number of leads & messages. However, solutions like BagAChat help you out here. BagAChat captures & manages these leads as well as messages real-time.  Respond senders instantly with the current offers/discounts etc. All the manual efforts to generate leads, filter fake leads, view marketing campaign trends etc. are eliminated by BagAChat. 

Targeted Marketing: Messengers help build engagement with your brand among the leads. As the consumer engagement on messenger becomes more and more, these leads are bound to turn into your loyal customers, sooner or later. Let they query for offers on WhatsApp, when they need it and you are always there to serve them!

So, focus on attracting consumers rather than losing them by Spamming.