Wednesday 16 December 2015

Skyrocket Your Business: 3 Incredible Benefits of WhatsApp

The staggering number of 900 million WhatsApp users all over the world is a revelation for every business big or small. If you are not using WhatsApp for marketing your business, you are missing your chances of tapping a huge customer base.

WhatsApp should not be just confused with using to share text messages, images and videos with just your friends and groups. But, you can use it spectacularly for uplifting your sales prospects.

Here are 3 Incredible Benefits of using WhatsAp for Business

1. Be Approachable to Your Customers

Every customer new or old prefers to become a customer of the company who is quickly approachable. Many companies just give email address, toll free numbers, or website address to customers but often responses are not immediate to emails or numbers often found busy. In that case, customers find it difficult to reach you in quick time.

With the use of WhatsApp, your customers can quickly send you a message stating their requirements. As a business owner, you can then quickly respond to their queries instantly. If you have Bag A Chat app installed then it becomes all the easier. As it lets you save and organize these customer’s messages. In today’s world, it is more about being connected to your customers and be easily approachable.

Moreover, customers get more freedom to express needs/requirements than a business-defined format on web/app. Many of first customers are your WhatsApp connects or their referrals only. If you do well with them, acquiring new customers becomes easy.

2. Eliminate investments in expensive software and systems

A smart business owner is always in search of cost effective and economic solutions for its business. With WhatsApp being $1/year (and free in many countries including India), it simply eliminates the need for deploying cost-effective and high price software and systems needed for customer relationship management. Even if you introduce a new app, it would take enormous time for your customers to trust it and make use of it connecting with you. In addition, the investment you can assume.

With WhatsApp and Bag A Chat, there is absolutely no need to develop expensive business app or programs as WhatsApp is free and hence the trust factor is very high. Over 900 million users are already using WhatsApp and if you are not with them, you are keeping yourself away from your customers.

3. Write Off Promotions & Advertisement Costs

If you are new business or an old business introducing a new product or service, imagine the kind of
investment you will need to promote or advertise the products and services. With WhatsApp available, you can eliminate this cost or reduce the extent of the cost required in advertising and promoting your products and services.

Constant advertising on WhatsApp through images, text and videos can help you to reach a large number of customer base. Share discounts, coupon codes, how-to-videos, attractive e-brochures or may be a radio or TV advertisement that you may have created. Frequently updating your business profile photos and status messages too can help you gain quick attention. When Bag A Chat used with WhatsApp, it becomes all the more easy to save, share and organize promotional materials and get a report on how your prospects are responding to these advertisements.

Some Crucial Benefits of Integrating Bag A Chat App With WhatsApp 

1. Organizing and planning your WhatsApp conversation is simplified and sophisticated with Bag A Chat app. Your office assistant, marketing executive or sales promoter can easily manage your WhatsApp marketing with Bag A Chat with little or less training.

2. Your WhatsApp data is always secured and saved on your cloud Google Drive or DropBox allowing you to access from any location. You may travel to world and would want to see how your WhatsApp campaigns are performing, simply go to your cloud and get the insights.

3. Solving your customer’s queries and communicating with vendors and team becomes more easy and traceable. This new app is a free CRM, SRM tool for solving your customer Support/vendor/team manangement needs at your initial level of business

4. As a business owner, you would always want to know how your consumers are behaving in response to your WhatsApp promotions and advertising. Bag A Chat gives you meaningful insights with reports such as time machine and serves as a perfect customer behaviour analytics tool.

5. We all know, our WhatsApp account is always flooded with contact numbers and conversations and it becomes difficult to organize and locate specific details when required on the go. Bag A Chat comes in handy at this point in time enabling easy access and storage of contacts, addresses, leads for future use.

6. Business is all about decision-making. For making decisions, business owner needs to have concrete data insights that he can trust. No matter how much you use WhatsApp for your business but if you are unable to measure and track the success, it is not really helping you. Bag A Chat is one such app that helps you with smart marketing decisions based on analytics and historical data.

With so many features bundled up in this light-weight Android app, your existing or emerging business is bound to skyrocket and reach the peak in no time. Start using WhatsApp for your business along with Bag A Chat app and beat the competition intelligently.

You can also integrate Bag A chat app with any of your internal business systems that you are
currently using. Be it Salesforce or GetBase, Bag A Chat can be integrated with any complex application with ease. Just write to and we will get in touch with you quickly.

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